Inspection camera

The MiniFlex comes standard with the unique patented flexible polyurethane element. This allows the MiniFlex to make several right-angled bends with great ease. The flexible element or middle part connects the push cable to the bullet-shaped camera head.

"Extensive testing with plumbers has shown that the MiniFlex can easily make several right-angled bends in small pipes (Ø32-100mm)."

The bullet-shaped camera head helps to ensure smooth passage in small pipes. The design of the camera head with the 12 LEDS light ring provides a clear image and reduces reflection to a minimum. In combination with the special 100⁰ lens, the MiniFlex sewer camera has a wide viewing angle, ensuring a sharp image even in larger pipes.

The MiniFlex sewer camera is supplied as standard with a meter counter, 512Hz transmitter, a monitor with recording function (DVR) for saving video and photos on an SD card and/or USB and a 22-character on-screen text writer.

For our USA dealers and reseller please click 'request quotation' for an USA-offer mini sewer camera MiniFlex.

USA & MiniFlex at WWETT Show 2020 from 17 - 20 February, Indianapolis.
Booth 1314. EPL Solutions, California:
Booth 1651. NuFlow 'we fix pipes', pipe rehabilitation technologies.
Booth 6515. Dancutter USA, robotic cutters for pipeline rehabilitation:

Youtube:  MiniFlex demonstration | MiniFlex in practice
Download: Manual MiniFlex
Download: Quickstart MiniFlex

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