Camtronics is a specialist in the development and manufacture of inspection sewer camera systems and related electronics and mechanical components for a range of applications.

Over the years we have developed and marketed a complete line of Inspector® sewer camera systems. Our sewer cameras can be used to conduct essential inspection work on sewers, air ducts, drains, cavity walls etc. which require fitters, plumbers and sewer specialists to provide reports where the situation otherwise makes access impossible. View our "range of sewer cameras". These three pillars are what set us apart from the rest:


Our continuous innovation enables our camera systems to keep up with the latest demands set by the extreme environments in which they operate. This makes our camera systems an essential part of any quality inspection.

In-house design and manufacture

We develop and manufacture all of our sewer camera systems in our own workshop which means we are able to respond to increasing market demands with great flexibility. Camtronics is your partner for customer-specific solutions for sewer camera and sewer inspection systems.

Service and repair

Obviously, when you purchase one of our products that is not where it ends for us. Our after-sales service and rapid and flexible way of working mean our customers can always rely on us to come up with appropriate solutions. Our own service department is there for you when you need prompt repairs for your sewer camera. Camtronics has a sewer camera systems for hire so your downtimes are limited.

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